Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan


26th January (Republic Day) is coming . One of the two days (the other is Independence Day; for them who have forgotten the names) when we, somehow try to remember our past patriotic leaders. Within some days the songs devoted to our nation can be heard in a Paan Shop or a Saloon or hardly in somebody’s home.

School days were better ,when at least we were more interested in celebrating,  not because the patriotism towards the nation,but because the sweets that we were getting on Republic /Independence day. Getting up early , asking mother for nicely pressed cloths , with a rough sketch of national flag in hand, we would march forward to the school premises for flag hoisting. National anthem was shouted out loud at highest pitch and then comes the sweet distribution round, the most awaited.

But the days have changed (we say so ; but its us who changed) ,now I hardly remember the complete verse of national anthem.

I was getting bored of watching all sort of movies (action/comedy/horror and the most boring the love stories) ,while surfing over IMDB came across a Bollywood movie named Mumbai Meri Jaan .

It’s a movie that talks about the aftermath of the serial bombing in the local trains - by which more than half of Mumbai’s life travels each day. An incident that still causes gooseflesh to the Mumbaikars , whenever they recall it.The story is about five persons who are not related together but the bombing has caused the similar affect on each of them. But this dynamic city has a never dying spirit. People start living a normal life just one or two days after the incident. The daily passengers continue travelling by suburban trains , the police is still busy in finding the guilty.

But the aftermath responsibilities are totally different, that is handled by the Government of India and the other country’s . Other nations never forget what those have lost in any terrorist attack .Osama is rewarded death even ten years after his fabulous work in 2001. Unlike in  India , where even if a terrorist is caught he is still celebrating his Birthday year by year inside jail premises.

The movie has a different taste, not related to terrorists or their activities or the political drama on them. The most loving part is one of the old melody from Mohammad Rafi :

ए दिल है मुश्किल जीना यहाँ
ज़रा हटके ज़रा बचके, यह है बॉम्बे मेरी जान

कहीं बिल्डिंग कहीं ट्रामे ,कहीं मोटर कहीं मिल
मिलता है यहाँ सब कुछ इक मिलता नहीं दिल

इंसान का नहीं कहीं नाम-ओ-निशाँ
ज़रा हटके ज़रा बचके ,यह है बॉम्बे मेरी जान|

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