Saturday, January 12, 2013

Is Boss Always Right ?

While the Boss was busy reviewing a piece of code and mumbling a boring old song of  90’s, I was sitting next to him with a spiritless look on the screen. Well, it bothers a lot, when you find someone crooning a song of your distaste, being next to you.
‘Do you drink?’ the first question, he asked as the scrutiny was over. I don’t know girl’s case, but it’s the most common question, boys ask during their normal conversations. Probably in a hope of finding a companion, if you say, yes, or getting a chance of teasing when you say no. And unlike all the other times I said ‘No’.
‘What are you saying man! You really don’t drink.’ he asked amusingly. ‘Is there any reason behind it or is it your health concerns?’ 
‘The problem is, I don’t like the taste of it. Its bitter.’ I replied giving a grimace.
‘Have u tried it or just or is it a presumption ? And if it’s a presumption, you are totally wrong’ he asked with reprobation, in response to my expression.
‘Well, I had tasted it, in college days, and I didn’t like it, and after that I didn’t tried’, I replied nonchalantly.
‘That’s the problem, If you don’t try , how would you like it?’ he said sounding judicious and rational. ‘See, when you first came here, you didn’t like COCOA, and after you tried, now you value it a lot. People don’t get the importance of things, until they use it, until they get addicted.’
‘Yes, but that’s because of, a little bit of interest and much of predicament. But surely,  I will consider this much thought of you and give it a try once again ’, jibed with his opinion, I replied.
‘ Yes sure, try it intermittently, but do not get habituated. Take some pegs and you will feel rejuvenated and fortified.’
I could only give a nod as in response, thinking that May be, The Boss is always right. Let it be the new year resolution , the idea came to my mind in introspection.
31st December Night:
And the most popular female actress awards goes to…’ The bitching  and moaning about the star plus cine award was on. I had my last peg, not at all in sober mood went directly to bed. Unaware of the phone calls for new year wishes, I laid on the bed with a spinning mind and an motionless body.
The next day, the first new year morning went cleaning up the mess of consequences of, last night drinks. And finally I managed to change, the new year resolution toDo not, always listen to your Boss, The Boss is not always right.’