Thursday, November 24, 2011

The White Tiger Review

      I was travelling from Kolkata to Mysore in 2nd class compartment .People say
do not buy pirated books , because that hurts the Author as well as the publication.
But I bought 3 pirated copies of  different novels that day . The reason is not about
saving money, its about typical Indian mindset of mine ..Why should I invest in buy-ing original copies , if I am getting the same material in low price, who care the low quality pages ? I just have to read it, I don't want to put it in a safe !
     I had heard a lot about this book,so I was much excited when I started reading it.
The story is about a Murderer who turns out to be an Entrepreneur,meet Balram Halwai,Villain for his own family/master but also a Hero for himself. Born to a Rickshaw-puller  ,worked at tea-shop ,crushed coals for livelihood  but has a dream to become rich. Somehow escapes from his family and village, gets a job as a Chauffeur to a rich Landlord.He finds the difference in thinking of two of the landlord's son, one of  them  is educated in US and other ,in India. He learns that there is no other way to win a competition rather than killing the competitor. He reaches Delhi ,the soul of the country driving the Honda along with his master and mistress. He finds that even the landlords who behaves like a King Lion to the villagers, has to be like a Dog  to the corrupted leaders of the nation. In the soul of the country, in between the Traffic jams,the shopping malls,the culture and customs of high-profile he discovers the White Tiger within himself. He can not live like a servant through out his life. He  sacrifices his beloved one,his family . He murders his own master, collects his money and flies to Banglore to start a new life.
     The Authors asks a question in his story : Did he take the right decision by sacrificing his own family , to live  a luxurious life ?  The Authors also answers the question by calling Balram , a White Tiger- one who is born  in a Century .If he had not sacrificed his family , his upcoming generation might live same miserable   life like his own or his father's or brothers'. The Author shares the idea :- There is no gain without  pain .The story will bind you from start till the end, you can not leave it in middle. :)