Friday, February 24, 2012

A Technical Viva

Hey! How is the External(interviewer) ?” I asked one of my classmate, who just got out of the interview room.
“He’s really a ‘Khadus’(bastard) ! He thinks himself nothing less than Bill Gates.” Got a disappointing reply from him.
It’s the semester viva, 3rd semester. The subject is “Principle Of Programming Languages”.We are having group viva, consisting of at least 5 people  in group. The first group, joining the External is the unluckiest one because they do not get any feedback . Whenever a group,comes out of the interviewer’s room , narrates the questions being asked , the mood and personality of External.
“What is the Intel's latest processor ?” came a voice in chaos.
One of my group member looked at me for an answer. I shrugged , murmured Pentium, the only processor I had heard about. He made a disgusting look and went in search for “Raju Scientist”, a guy who had the first assembled desktop in our batch.
Its Quart Core, the latest processor.”
Is scanner an input device or output device ?” heard another question in chaos.
“It must be an input device , because when I told him that it is an output device ,he gave me a pity look.” came an answer from the mob.
Next was our group’s turn, the second last group. Only thing good was, we could proudly say that we were  nicely dressed ,in formal wear just to impress the External.
Oh ! You people are really looking nice in formal wear. Let me check , whether your brains are as nice as your dresses ! All the previous group people really disappointed me and now I  expect some smart answers from this group. So should I proceed ? ” A mid-fifties ,half bald person with a large spectacle up on the nose , greeted us as we entered.
“Yes Sir !” we replied in unison.
“OK, Good ! Now , as the subject name is “Principle of programming languages” so tell me ,What do you people understand by programming language ?” He put a glance at the person sitting at the edge of our row.
“It’s a language used by programmers, and programmers generally use it.” He added the answer followed by  a pin drop silence.
“Programming language is a…” another person tried hard to recall but could not remember the rest part of definition.
The interviewer stared at rest of us ,as of asking any thing extra we want to add. All eyes went down as a response to his expectations.
“OK” he sighed. “Tell me in which languages we generally do programming ?”
“Sir , Its English ! We do all our coding in English Language”,came a  quick reply.
“Are you sure ? The programming language is English ?”
“Yes Sir ! We don’t have a Hindi keyboard yet.”
“Have you heard of Dennis Ritchie ?” He asked looking at me.
Who the heck on earth was he? I though,  nodded a negative response despite his anticipation.
“You must be knowing Daniel Craig !” he asked sarcastically.
The named seemed familiar ,so I nodded a positive response this time with much confidence.
Pissed off my response he took a disgusting look at each of us.
“Oh good ! I am overwhelmed to meet students like you.” He stopped and thought for a while, “You must be having computers with you , at least tell the configuration of your computers.”
“Actually Sir , it’s a monitor , a CPU , a keyboard , a mouse and a UPS configured together.” came a girl’s voice as a response.
“Great to see the future of Information Technology. Now , you may leave , please!”
We came out without dignity but  winning a battle against ignorance.
“Hey How is the External ?” One of the person from last group asked me.
“He is really a jerk,a bastard,**** !”