Friday, December 7, 2012

persons,wish to meet before 2013


The Thanks Giving day and Black Friday are over. Its not like I knew these western holidays earlier, until I got some mail representing exciting offers from Amazon and eBay on eve of these holidays.The new year is approaching rapidly along with the silent euphoria arousing inside, of, would be at home within the coming couple of weeks. The accomplishments are, of getting familiar of the latest OS provided by two different software giants, Apple and Microsoft (Mountain Lion / Windows 8). The new year celebrations are impending fast, however the apocalyptic day, 21/12/12 is imminent. The sky may fall and it may crumbles in the end of the year. Despite these uncertainties, and inspired, only by the title of the movie, “Jab Tak Hai Jaan”, I still urge to meet these persons before 2013.

Manmohan Singh 

Why ? Because he is the man behind currently the most successful woman in Indian politics.

 What To say ? Is it true that, first in his lifetime Rajnikant failed,and it was an unsuccessful attempt to make you speak ?

Barack Obama

Why? Because his foreign policy killed both, Obama physically and Romney, socially.

What to say ? You are the first person of The USA, your wife is the first lady, Which of your children should we consider the first Baby of the USA?

Tim Cook

Why? Because he made the greatest thing happen to iPhone since iPhone: the Apple Maps.

What to say ? You may have insanely great things in technology but, If you don’t have Windows 8, well, you don’t have Windows 8.

Sharukh Khan

Why? Because, he is been upgraded to King of romance after the era of Yash Raj ended.

What to say? Its time to change your choreographer for your next movie. Try something new, Oppan Gangnam Style!

 Kristen Stewart

Why? Because in current year, she is the highest paid actress in Hollywood .

What to say ? Vampires may be cold blooded but, its true that some of them have no facial expression at all.