Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shit Happens !

Mysore, July 2nd, 2011
Venue : Hostel No 85
Saturday , One of the holidays the Company celebrates every week. I woke up late in the morning by a phone call threat,from one of my mate,the movie maniac.
Wake up ! We have to go for movie tickets. Get ready  soon,otherwise I will miss the movie, I don’t care about you missing it. Hurry up !”
Sleeping’,the most pleasant activity because it has dreams in it ; dreams, where I find myself not less than Rajnikant ! Somehow I paused my dream ,got ready ,and marched on for Mission ‘Movie’. Till we reached the multiplex, the queue for tickets had been one and half kilometer long .  My friend frowned at me , why not ? He missed the first show of Aamir Khan’s production Delhi Belly just because of me. Frustrated ,depressed he went near the poster ,looked at each characters thoroughly, read the tag line of the movie “Shit Happens” ,came back to me with frowny face , as the first Shit had happened to him. All I could do was to assure him that we would be the first one in the queue for the next show.
But someone had planned differently for us. I went to the clinic for the check up and ,the nurse there ,examined for 2-3 minutes and finally announced :
Oh ! We have one more case of Chicken Pox.”
Looking at me she said again “ You have to get admitted in hospital as you are not allowed to stay here, in the campus ,any more.” Another Shit of the day,that had happened to me.
Venue : Apollo,Mysore
I, along with two other friends was waiting for check-in at accommodation desk.
“Sir ! We have three types of  wards available, named as, Silver ,Gold and Platinum. Silver is with single bed ,a chair but no a/c. Gold is with extra facility, a/c and a normal TV in it. Likewise Platinum consist of microwave oven, freeze and LCD TV in it. Which kind of room you want to book ?” She said in one breath and an artificial smile on her face.
“OK. Book the room with lowest price.”I replied in a low tone, checking the sign board again ,wondering, was it a hospital or a three star hotel. 
“Sorry Sir ! As this is a patient season we don’t have rooms available in Silver ward for next 7 days and there would be room available in Gold ward by tomorrow. Should I book a room in Platinum ward ? Rooms in this ward are very comfortable with….”
“Do I have any other choice ?” I interrupted her in between.
“No Sir !”
“OK book it for tonight, but I will get it changed to Gold ward by tomorrow.” I said and counted how much money would I have to put for getting cured. I got a wicked smile as I remembered the conversation with my brother on the day I got my first salary , 30th of June, two days ago. He had asked how would I spend my first salary !
A nurse entered my room with a letter pad, without any delay started interrogating :
“What happened! Do you smoke? Alcoholic ?What are the belongings with you ? Laptop ? Mobile ? Any jewellery ? Married ? Children ?”
All I could do was to nod yes or no with making a face at her.
The doctor would be visiting you ,soon.” She left after noting all the information.
As she had said , an overweight person came within  half an hour, along with four beautiful nurses , in between the ages of 20 to 25. Looking at them and the doctor I sighed, cursed myself  “Why hadn’t I opted for medical science , six years ago!” 
The next morning I got my room changed to another ward , the quality of facilities changed ,and likewise the ages of nurses ,in between 30 and 35!
Days passed , nights elapsed, shits were over, I came back to campus repenting over missing a movie full of shits !

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