Friday, December 23, 2011

Five Persons I wish I could meet before 2012

Its December 22nd , Winter solstice , the shortest day of the year 2011. Christmas ,two days to go . Nine days to go and New year will be here but its first time, there is no any excitement. The day starts with waking up early ,heading towards a building where an empty chair along with a desktop is always waiting. Daily activities are like checking and forwarding e-mails , keeping an eye on the average working hours ,counting how many days to go for Friday, browsing some study materials , reading and acting to read ,until someone comes and asks the most awkward question
Hey ! What are you doing ? ”
Friends are there , who are always punctual at some activities like going for lunch and dormitory, a coffee at CCD  or for an evening walk !
Albeit these tedious days will continue throughout this year , just forget it , here is the list of five persons I wish I could meet before the world ends in 2012 !
      1.  Sachin Tendulkar 
why ? – Because he has been a role model for whole generation of cricketers ,an inspiration to the young generation.
What to ask ? – How does it feel like being a GOD ? 
      2.  Baba Ramdev
Why ? – Because he is the latest swami who became a crusader against corruption.
What to ask ? – Why don’t you come to Jharkhand and help our legendry CM ‘Madhu Koda’ getting cured ? The state is missing it’s great leader.
      3.  Sharad Pawar
Why ? –  There are something we can not do ,        For all those things , there is ‘Harvinder Singh’.
What to ask ? – Why haven’t you offered your other cheek , instead insulted Gandhi by not following his principles ?
     4. Mark Zuckerberg
Why ? -  Is there any bachelor who does not want to meet him !
What to ask ? – As the world is going to end on 21/12/12 , why don’t you make me  partner of your firm ?
      5. Rajinikanth
why ?- To tell him , there is one thing you can’t do :  “You can not read my blog posts !”
What to ask ? – Throughout the year I was searching for the answer of the question asked by your son-in-law . Now I give up. Please tell me “Why this Kolaveri Di ? ”. 

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