Sunday, December 11, 2011

What’s not in a Surname


Tell me your name Boy

the person sitting in front of me asked, while he was writing something on the letter pad.

Its Sudhansu, S,u,d………”. I replied humbly, while he continued writing in a non-readable format. I was wondering, why all doctors have such a good hand-writing , that can only be understood by the doctor himself or the person sitting in the medical shop !

What’s the problem with people,today ?Why don’t they tell their surnames? ” he asked as if I knew the answers.

What’s in a surname ,Sir !” the only words I could think of as a reply.

Oh  ! What’s not in a surname ! How can I know , which caste do you belong ?”

Sir ! Do you prescribe medicines based on caste ?” I asked with amusement.

No! Surnames are the criterion ,Indian people consider , when they need to know which caste other Indian people belong . See , our corrupted politicians ! They are very much good at it. How do they grab public attention when they visit some unfamiliar region of different caste and creed, for their rally ? All it matters is our surnames” he said, like he was the most hurt by corruption in our nation. “Now if you are in no mood of telling your surname , Should I write your name as ‘Sudhansu  I’ ? Do you know what ‘I’ symbolizes ?

I nodded a negative reply.

Oh ! ‘I’ is for Indian. Think ,….how  good it would be when we all Indians ,have the same surname ,‘I’. There would be no distinction based on name, in a country.Likewise we should have ‘P’ for all people from Pakistan, ‘B’ for Bangla Desh and so on…..” he explained and slid the prescription paper towards me. “We will meet together ten days later.”

"That would be a great idea. At least our political problem would be solved .But it is worth saying.We could do nothing in it!” Later I bid him good bye with a thank you and a smile. I am waiting for next appointment with him where I  will tell my name ,adding ‘I’ as surname !

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