Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Are We Satisfied...

A cage , three ‘firangi’ parrots, one of them green, another yellow and the last one white, hardly 3 inches long from head to tail.The cage is tied up from the roof of a Dhaba. The weird thing is the name, ’Tourist’, given to the Dhaba. Earlier, I knew only one common name given to all Dhabas, ‘Baba the Dhaba’.  People come and go , watch those prisoners, praise their beauty, enjoy, their chirping, their movements inside a tiny home. One of them, the yellow one, is silent, as of, has given up all the hopes. It keeps on resting/sleeping inside it’s artificial nest made up of soil ,inside the cage,itself. The green one keeps on chirping, as of thinking,’To Fly or not to Fly’ . The third, the white one keeps  moving from one wall of the steel cage to another,screeching, hitting the steel wires with its beak, trying to bypass part of its body, more than the beak, outside the tiny home, so called a cage. Holding the steel wire tightly with its talons ,always seems to get off the prison. Two small boxes, one filled with grains , another with water resides at the bottom of the cage. The green one often takes some grains in its beak and jumps back to it’s place. The roadside dirt has most affected the white one, its feathers has been turning into dull pale. They eat ,sleep,awake and again feed themselves, again sleep. 

I visit that Dhaba seldom for lunch. Watch them closely performing the same activities in order. I could feel them, looking at me, intently with a mixture of amusement, confusion and suspicion. Feel like being asked a question by them : “Are you the one who is going set us free ? If not , why are you staring me like this, stop giving us , a murderous look. Are you satisfied taking our freedom ?  Despite all your intelligence, you, human could never be satisfied.”

Sometimes, I feel like, going to the Dhaba owner and ask them about the price for those birds. Also take any local native person, who will help me to bargain their price, in their conventional language. But what if they could not adopt the outside environment, die with hunger and thirst.Neither way, I feel satisfied with their whereabouts.

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