Friday, October 12, 2012

Had Programming been the Medical way!

whts in my mind
Dear Facebook,
Its since the day fell for your charms, the day since I get addicted not because of your look and feel, but some pretty faces out there, I could find the same question being asked by you, each time, I visit my home page; “What’s on your mind?”
Well! Its true that you have changed the significance of ‘f’. But honestly, its always been hard to share with you, the persons, thoughts and ideas, ideally on my mind. And, I bet, if I try anything like this, there could be a lot of bombs exploding, in between friends, in the office or may be from some strangers!
#1. Had Programming been the Medical way!
“One could not count the vigorous effort that you put in you logic, Or the numerous errors, that reside behind your code.”
The air becomes saturated, its hard to breathe, your body is raging with fumes, you feel trapped. You could feel the surrounding has deafening sound of silence. You haven’t eaten for hours, and still, you feel your stomach flooded. You don’t find anyone who can comfort you. You don’t find any music melodious, or a friend peculiar.
Please do not be misguided these feeling with what those intellectuals call it , the crazy stupid: Love. The mouse next to you starts randomly cutting out for a second or two before working again for a while, like it’s just dying.You feel, the monitor, in front of you, behaving like a black and white TV, playing an inaudible Sastriya Sangit.
Yes! you are definitely in between agony, trying hard to get your logic work as it should be. Meanwhile, someone reviews your logic and comments : Holy Crap! leaving you bamboozled.
I wish, the programming had been the medical way where I could proudly say:-
“See! If you want this logic to be implemented I would charge, a hundred grand for that, otherwise I won’t give a shit to it! All the if-else statements, the for/while loops, would be charged separately, based on the logic it consists. Twenty grand for each the test case I would write and thirty, for testing those cases. Because, I am knackered, the way, you come to me at the end of the day,when I’d about to leave, and ask ‘Let’s start working on this enhancement.’ I am shattered  with your requirements, that changes often, than the weather, the design, that is manipulated at your wish.”
Yours Availer.

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